Fall Before Me
I am nothing you'd expect and everything you want.

Firm and flexible. A constant paradox. An esoteric enigma.

Now, be a good little pet and ask My permission if you want to follow Me.

The emails I post here are things I've received or sent in my years as a Professional Dominatrix.
Dear Mistress… Beating & Newspaper Fetish

This is the lengthy and detailed session a client brought in with him. He is well known at the Dungeon for reenacting this script each time he comes in. While hilarious, this type of instructional sucks all the creativity out of a session. Better to come in with an outline than a script. Enjoy lovelies…

Dear Mistress, 

Please wear a large veiny strap-on. It intimidates me. Please leave no lasting marks.

Beating & Newspaper Fetish
You tell me to cover a bench with thick layers of newspaper. I lie on it face down. You strap me tightly to the bench with rope or belts. You whip me on back and butt with a flogger and/or riding crop, occasionally hitting my genitals. You squeeze my balls and penis or both. You untie me and tell me to turn around face up. You tell me to roll a newspaper around my genitals. While I hold the paper in place you tie it into a tight package with rope. You strap me down again and beat my stomach and legs again occasionally hitting my genitals. You squeeze my paper-wrapped genitals. You then take a folded newspaper hit me int he face with it, poking and hitting my genitals once in a while. You then untie me.

You tell me to put a thick stack of newspapers on a bench, stand in front of it with my genitals on the stack. You put another stack on top of my genitals and push hard on them while looking me into [sic] the eyes and watch me squirm. You alternate genitals, balls only, penis only. Then I lie on the floor and force my genitals though two holes cut out of a newspaper. You then tell me to sit up, wrap my head in thick layers of newspaper and hold them in place while you secure them tightly with rope. You then tell me to lie down again. You poke my genitals with a folded news paper and squeeze them with your hand. You put another stack of newspaper on my face and suffocate me.

Strap-on play
You tell me to bend over a bench. You tie a rope around my genitals, and put weights on them. You then poke them with the dildo (no penetration), making the weights swing, you also shove the penis in my mouth and make me suck it.

Finish: You tell me to lie on the floor. You order me to masturbate while teasing me with your breasts. Thank you very much.

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